Tuesday, 17 April 2007


So I had to go into work today. Which really sucked. Can't really complain though being off for 4 days. Anyways here is one of my recent but not the most recent purchases from ebay. It's a pair of owls. I think a mother and baby owl? Their heads are made of painted pottery or ceramic and their bodies are made from little circles of brass to simulate feathers and little brass feets. I bought them along with one of the white ceramic heads from the previous post below. They are signed at the bottom " Blazqueiz" or "Blazquez" or something like that. The seller actually emailed me to see if I had any information about it. He thought I bought it because it was worth something or I recognized the signature, I don't know. I actually bought it just because they were cute. Let me know what you think?

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sebene said...

ohmigod! i love the owls!