Monday 30 April 2007


Still feeling a bit under the weather today so I didn't go into work. The sun finally came out and warmed up the day. Nice! Tomorrows a different story though.

Sunday 29 April 2007

A Blue Day

A bit under the weather today. Getting a bit of a cough and a bit achy. I guess it's not too bad considering how the weather has been so I won't miss out on anything. It's such a tease last week with the beautiful weather. At least we got a couple of days of bbq in. Oh well. I'm feeling a bit better now after a day of resting. The sun is also coming out. Hopefully it'll stay like this for a while.

Saturday 28 April 2007

Gobble Gobble!

Now everyone knows that I buy a lot of stuff on ebay so that means I'm searching ebay for things every single day. Sometimes you find stuff that makes you think like I can't believe their selling this s*#t on ebay. Anyways here's something I found that made me think " what the hell is someone gonna do with this". There's people bidding on it and it's at $49 with 4hours left. If any of you out there are interested. Hurry up and bid! FREEZE DRIED TURKEY HEAD GOBBLING POSITION!! Item number: 160110931640 4 hours 21 mins (Apr-28-07 19:01:11 PDT).

Thursday 26 April 2007


I just received my ceramic rabbit head towel hook holder today and it is fantastic! It's such a great piece. Now I know why it's been so hard to find and people pay such high price for it. Anyways I'm going to wait awhile and see if I bid on more heads before I hang it up on the wall.

For those of you who don't know. I have this other "obsession" which are my Catherineholm fondue sets. These aren't your typical fondue sets. They are from the 70's and they are in a really cool round sphere shape. I have about 10 of them but only 6 are complete or almost complete sets. The last one I bought was probably about a year ago, but I am still looking for that elusive color. You know how it is about collecting. You always have to have all the available colors and or shapes that they comes in. Anyways I've been looking for the very rare red color for these fondue sets. The last time I saw one on ebay was about 2 years ago and have not seen since. If anybody see's it or have any info. Let me know.

Wednesday 25 April 2007

Rescue Me! Part Deux

Okay, so it's been 2 days since the crew from Rescue Me took over our little street called Sharon Street. I think it was more excitement than any of our neighbors can handle. It was exciting at first to have all these giant trailers parted outside our house and film crews walking up and down the street. I thought maybe there was going to be some great scenes shot on the street, but they ended up shooting everything inside #30 Sharon Street. Anyways we were hanging outside all day to see if there would be any sightings of the stars, but there was none. Oh well! They say they might be back next month to shoot another scene or something. Maybe then we'll have a sighting.

P.S. The snack tent didn't look very appetising. It was mainly junk foods like chips and beef sticks and stuff like that. No real food or that I can see. Anyways just a thought.

Tuesday 24 April 2007


Finally! After months of surfing ebay. I've finally won a bidding war for a ceramic rabbit head towel hook holder. This is the most expensive head I've bought so far. Final price $31. Most of the other heads that I've won all cost around $10-$15. If you don't know yet, this head is to add to the ceramic head collection from the 2nd post of this blog. I also won another ceramic pig head on ebay for $3. Of course with shipping and handling. The total came to $10. Now, I know everyone is thinking that I'm obsessed with these heads and I'm not. I just think they're cool and there's still space on the wall so just a couple more. Okay? Anyways here's some pics of my winnings. Until tomorrow.

Monday 23 April 2007

Rescue Me!

No, I don't need rescuing but they are shooting an episode of the FX television series 'Rescue Me' on our block. Never seen it but it stars Dennis Leary and some other people I don't know. It's about fire fighters or something like that. Anyways here's some pictures. No star sightings yet, but Quigley's ready for his close-up! Will keep you updated.

Sunday 22 April 2007


Another beautiful day in Brooklyn. We're off to wander the streets of Bedford-land and beyond! Have a great day.

Saturday 21 April 2007

NYC Dachshund Spring Fiesta 3

So here is more pictures of the Dachshund Spring Fiesta. Finnegan and Quigley is pretty worn out from all the excitement and fun. Anyways we're off to bed. Enjoy the pictures. The next Dachshund Fiesta will be in October. See ya there.

NYC Dachshund Spring Fiesta 2

So today was the Dachshund Spring Fiesta. It was unbelievable how many dachshunds was there. All shapes and sizes and colors. It was fantastic! Of course Finnegan had loads of fun and Quigley was a bit more timid and shy. Met loads of cute puppies, but in the end our puppies are the cutest! To us anyways. There were loads of cute puppies. I wish we could have another but 2 is already a hand full. Anyways here's some pictures to share.

Friday 20 April 2007

NYC Dachshund Spring Fiesta

So, I am very excited for tomorrow! It is the NYC's Dachshund Spring Fiesta or Parade or whatever you want to call it. Which is held bi-annually at Washington Square Park. They meet up at noon under the arch. We have never been so this will be our very first time. Supposedly there's going to be hundreds of other dachshunds of all shape and sizes. I am sure Finnegan and quigley will be very excited as well. They will probably make lots of friends. Can't wait to see how they react. Don't think they know what they're in for yet. Anyways will update tomorrow with pictures after the parade. See ya.


Hurray! Spring is finally here and I don't have to go to work. I am so happy. Just sitting on the front stoop with Quigley and Finnegan. Hearing to the birds chirp and feeling the light breeze blowing throught the naked trees and the dinging of the windchimes. Ahhh.....nothing can get better than this. It feels like I am on vacation except in Brooklyn. Other than that the rumbling of the trucks and the clanking of the construction site and the roar of the airplanes over head bring you back real quick. Oh well! It was nice for a minute anyways.

I'm going back to bed now! Just kidding! Enjoy the beautiful weather..

Wednesday 18 April 2007


Alright! I admit that sometimes I over do it on the purchases of certain things such as the ceramic heads or the fondue sets. I just get too obsessed with something and I have to get another and then another until my little obsession passes. Luckily my obsessions never too expensive. That's why I love ebay!

Paul's getting back into gardening now that Spring is here or supposedly here. I am not a gardener. I think it's because you have to plant things and then wait for them to grow. It's too much work. I just want to do something and see results instead of waiting around to see what happens. Anyways I wanted to try my hand at gardening also but in a different way. I've been seeing a lot blogs about terrariums. These little self containing environments after you put the plants in and put the cover on the whole thing takes care of it self and you only have to water it once every couple of weeks or never at all. Here's some terrariums that I bought on ebay. Yes, with my obsessions on over buying I bought 3 of each size. So we'll see what happens. I'll keep you guys posted.

Tuesday 17 April 2007


So I had to go into work today. Which really sucked. Can't really complain though being off for 4 days. Anyways here is one of my recent but not the most recent purchases from ebay. It's a pair of owls. I think a mother and baby owl? Their heads are made of painted pottery or ceramic and their bodies are made from little circles of brass to simulate feathers and little brass feets. I bought them along with one of the white ceramic heads from the previous post below. They are signed at the bottom " Blazqueiz" or "Blazquez" or something like that. The seller actually emailed me to see if I had any information about it. He thought I bought it because it was worth something or I recognized the signature, I don't know. I actually bought it just because they were cute. Let me know what you think?

Monday 16 April 2007

Brutti ma Buoni

It's raining again today and luckily I didn't have to go into work. Kind of getting cabin fever not leaving the house for 2 days. Good thing we were invited to our friends place for dinner tonight so we'll have to leave the house. Paul decided to make some ice cream to bring over to go with dessert and the recipe called for 9 egg yokes. There were going to be all these egg whites left over so I decided to find a recipe that calls for egg whites only to use them up. Almost all the recipes that I found were for some type of mousse cake or something like that. Or the other recipes were for meringues. I found a recipe from Mario Batali on the foodnetwork website for a cookie called "Brutti ma Buoni" which translates to "Ugly but Good". I was wondering how ugly can this cookie be and how good could it taste? So I decided to give it a go. The recipe calls for 7 large ege whites, 1 pound of sliced almonds, 2 1/2 cups of sugar, 1 tbs vanilla extract and 1/2 tsp cinnamon. This is the outcome! You be the judge as to if they're ugly or not and I guess since we made them we'll let you know how they taste.

They're not bad considering it's the first time I ever made them and also I'm not a big fan of meringues. They taste just like meringues except with almond slices. Anyways the next time I make them I wouldn't use the full recipe. You see how many there are! There should've been a warning on the recipe. Oh well. You bake you learn. Later.

Sunday 15 April 2007

Rainy Sunday!

Anyone who knows me, probably knows that I am an ebay JUNKIE! If you've ever been to our house you'd know. Almost all our knick knacks around the house are from ebay. Some might consider it junk but I just like them cause they're cute. Some are useful and some aren't. I never know what I'm going to do with whatever I'm bidding on, but somehow they just find a place somewhere. I just think they're cute or fun or whatever. You know what I mean. Here's something or somethings that I bought from ebay. They're not all from one seller. They were all from different sellers. It took about 2 months to acquire all of them. We finally put them up on the wall above the staircase. It took about 2 hours to put up but I have to say I did a pretty good job. Let me know what you guys think.

Saturday 14 April 2007

Meet the Pups

Finnegan. The sporty one in the family. He probably does more exercise than anyone else in the family. He chases the ball (only if someone is throwing it for him) from morning noon and night. From the moment he wakes up till we all go to bed.

Quigley! What can I say. The cutest face and the sweetest demeanor. He's always looking for a hug or a snuggle. He can spend his whole day in bed if you'd let him. Too cute!