Saturday, 28 April 2007

Gobble Gobble!

Now everyone knows that I buy a lot of stuff on ebay so that means I'm searching ebay for things every single day. Sometimes you find stuff that makes you think like I can't believe their selling this s*#t on ebay. Anyways here's something I found that made me think " what the hell is someone gonna do with this". There's people bidding on it and it's at $49 with 4hours left. If any of you out there are interested. Hurry up and bid! FREEZE DRIED TURKEY HEAD GOBBLING POSITION!! Item number: 160110931640 4 hours 21 mins (Apr-28-07 19:01:11 PDT).


KimmChi said...
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KimmChi said...

Looks like some sort of cartoon character. I can see spending $2 but $49 - NO WAY