Tuesday 31 July 2007

New Obsession!

While I was browsing through ebay one day. Paul asked me to look up some ceramics by Villeroy & Boch called Acapulco. Paul told me that his family use to have these when he was a kid. I fell in love with the bright colors and pattern immediately. Of course with the resent popularity of anything retro the prices for these ceramics were outrageous. You can look to pay $40 or $50 per dinner plate. Of course you can find deals but not too many though. Also you have to factor in shipping. Since it's ceramic and breakable and heavy. They'd have to pack it really well and that increases shipping cost. Anyways I finally won my first pieces, a sugar bowl w/lid and creamer. It's really cute! Hope this doesn't get outta hand. Oh well.

Thursday 19 July 2007


So I've been taking a metalsmithing class at SVA for the last month or so. I figured I might as well learn something new while I'm still young. I started the class at the beginning of June and it ends at the end of July. It's been going great. The class meets once a week from 6:00 to 9:30 pm. So far I've learned how to solder 2 pieces of metal together, shape, saw, polish, pickle, anneal ing silver, and create little round beads from pure silver. Also I've learned how to set a cabochon into a ring. I've just finished our first project which is to create a ring using all the techniques that we've learned and here are the pictures. Off to design the next project which I will have to post once I'm done. A bit scary since we only have 2 classes left.

Wednesday 18 July 2007

Forest Animals

Two posts in 1 day. Could you believe it? Anyways this is a quicky. Since my posting of my Woodgrain Studio Forest. There were lots of comments and requests for woodland animals. Let's just say I intended to add some animals after I was done with the forest but I kind of got over the porject really fast. You know how it is. Once your done with something you kind of have to sit back and look at a awhile before you can make changes to it. Anyways here are some of the animals. My solution to the permenant animals on the forest are to frame each one so I can inter change them every once in a while. Let me know what you think. I will post more as I make them up.

I'm Back!

Hi everyone! It's been a while since my last blog. Been lazy and the heat did not help one bit. Just been hanging out with Finnegan and Quigley. Trying to stay cool. Also I wasn't working on anything interesting so there wasn't much to blog about. Not anymore. There's loads going on now that I'm kind of out of my lazy slump. I am reupholstering a chair that I found a long time ago. I think I found it way before I found my office chair. Here are some pictures of the chair the way it was found. Could be an interesting project. We'll see how it turns out. Notice the shiny pleather. Imagine sitting on that in this humidity. Sttiiiicccccky! Anyways I will post the after pics once I am done. I am waiting for the supplies I ordered 2 weeks ago. Hopefully it gets here soon so I can get started!