Monday 25 April 2011


​Blustering winds amongst the hill top

Rolling clouds up above

Crackle of lightning

and rumbling of thunder

The cold embrace of darkness

Leaden words fall to the ground

Soaked in tears


Wednesday 20 April 2011


Tell me your sorrows as I wipe away your tears

Lay down your troubles and confess your fears

I stood frozen as you stole my heart

Watched in silence as you ripped it apart

Was it a mistake for loving you so much

Why does my heart still long for your touch

A heart that was will never be

Whole again as I set you free

Time stands still in an awkward stare

At a lonely soul that was never there

The silence is loud as I close my eyes

For it is time to say our goodbyes


by Q.L.

Friday 15 April 2011