Tuesday 20 May 2008

Sicky Finnie!

So we got some bad news today from our vet :,( We had found this lump on Finnegan a couple of weeks ago and took him in to get it checked out. Today we got the results and they think it might be an aggressive type of cancerous tumor that can spread very quickly. We have to take him in on Friday to get an ultrasound to see if it had spread or not (fingers and toes very crossed) and if it hadn't then they will remove the lump and give him treatment. I just hope that everything is okay and they only have to remove the lump and that's it. Anyways I'll keep you guys posted on his progress.

Friday 16 May 2008

Rocking Chair

So this is a rocking chair that we found on the street that one of our neighbors threw out. The back was still good, but the seat as you can see in the picture is blown out. The frame is great shape though. I am going to re-cane it with a bit more of an unconventional material than the regular caning for chairs. I will post pictures once I finished.