Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Studio Table!

After hours of BACK BREAKING hard work. The table is finally finished, but not stained yet. It turned out pretty much how I imagined it but there are some technical difficulties along the way and in the end. The table top is made up of 4-3 1/2" wide x 75" long oak boards. It is pretty sturdy except for the legs. The legs are another story. They were suppose to be curved like those fancy antique dining tables except it's flat. The legs were cut from a piece of 8" x 30" oak board. I got 2 legs out of each board. Anyways it was pretty hard to cut them out the same exact size. So the legs are pretty much different sizes. Without the proper equipments you'd just have to wing it. I don't know how the professionals do it. I guess they don't call them professionals for nothing. I also never accounted for the wobble factor. So the legs are a bit wobbly. Oh well I guess you live and learn. Let me know what you think.


Paul Rowley said...

It might be a bit wobbly right now but it is very beautiful

sebene said...

ohmigod! gorgeous! wobbly or not i am soooo impressed.